budget balance.

don’t dress yourself with pricetags, its okay to mix and match. investment pieces with economically responsible tweaks & details. it’s about finding the right balance. we’d all love to have closets full of quality and shoeboxes full of cash but we’re  i’m not there (yet). building a wardrobe is about spending smart and having realistic expectations for our clothes.

blazer via landsend kids (tailored in length) : $65 total
pocket square via joann’s fabric : $6 (pack of 3 fabrics)
shirt via epaulet : $150
belt via billy kirk : $35 (discount/sale etc)
denim via baldwin : $232
bag via army navy : $16 (DIY bleach experiment) 
loafers via to boot new york : $150 (discout/sale etc)

play to your strengths, pay attention to sales but realize quality when you see it.  try to stay balanced.

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  • 21 September 2012
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